Intermedia Delivers Greater Collaboration and Customer Care with Microsoft Certification of Intermedia Contact Center for MS Teams

May 9, 2024

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Today, Intermedia has received Microsoft certification for Intermedia Contact Center for MS Teams, which is designed to help businesses using Teams to access advanced customer experience capabilities.

Why Access to Intermedia Contact Center is Beneficial for MS Teams Users

Businesses today want to use a single application to manage their employee collaboration and customer communications. With Intermedia Contact Center fully certified by Microsoft to be Teams compatible, front-line users can now use their Teams endpoint to answer customer calls routed to them, while still enjoying the advanced call handling capabilities to route and manage customer interactions from the contact center.

In addition to being able to answer calls in Teams, businesses who integrate Microsoft Teams with Contact Center will be able to utilize Intermedia’s intelligent call routing, reporting and analytics, AI-powered quality management, self-service tools, automated notifications, and more.

The Microsoft Teams Certification of Contact Center is evidence that Intermedia has demonstrated our expertise to Microsoft in effectively integrating and leveraging Team’s capabilities. This means that our Contact Center solution has undergone rigorous testing by Microsoft to ensure it meets (their) performance, scalability, and reliability standards [e.g., stress testing, security testing, and compatibility testing]. Meeting these requirements demonstrates a solution’s ability to provide a smooth and secure experience for users while leveraging the full potential of Microsoft Teams’ functionalities within the contact center environment.

How Does My Business Win with a Teams-Linked Contact Center?

The MS Teams certification for Intermedia Contact Center meets Microsoft’s high security and quality standards, and it means Microsoft offers direct support to businesses for connection support. Businesses that implement Teams with Intermedia Contact Center enjoy:

  • More accurate/efficient contact routing – The Teams integration improves first contact resolution (FCR) and more efficient customer interaction routing for a superior customer experience.
  • Access to advanced Contact Center features – Intermedia Contact Center’s omni-channel design (phone, email, SMS), coupled with advanced call routing, automated workflows, AI-powered quality control management features, and extensive reporting and analytics, all work together to reduce handle times, improve first contact resolution, and create a better overall customer experience.
  • Improved frontline user experience – Frontline users (agents) can access and collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) within Microsoft Teams. 
  • Trusted Microsoft partner: Our certification is evidence that we’ve demonstrated our expertise to Microsoft in effectively integrating and leveraging Teams’ capabilities. It also means Microsoft is your first point of contact for support.

How Is Intermedia Cloud Communications Different?

Intermedia is a cloud-based unified communications and contact center solution vendor that stands out from the rest because we’re Microsoft Approved and Certified.

Intermedia has extensive experience with Microsoft as a trusted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for over 15 years and one of the largest Hosted Exchange providers and a Solution Partner for Modern Work. This demonstrates Intermedia’s understanding of what Microsoft-based businesses require to enhance employee productivity and provide a superior customer experience. Intermedia’s new integration is certified and supported by Microsoft, ensuring that it meets their security standards.

The certification of Intermedia Contact Center for MS Teams is a significant development for businesses using Microsoft Teams. It provides businesses with a more unified experience between Teams and Contact Center, enabling them to manage their employee collaboration and customer communications in one application.

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Mark Greer

Mark is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Intermedia's Contact Center solution.

May 9, 2024

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