Revolutionize the Customer Experience and Employee Engagement With Advanced Contact Center Integrations

May 20, 2024

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Gearheads and experts across industries appreciate the benefit of taking a solid product and making it even better with enhancements and extensions. Seasoned customer service pros do something similar using contact center integrations.

At Intermedia, we understand that objective. That’s why we offer multiple integrations for cloud communications on our App Marketplace

Learn how you can streamline your workflows with contact center integrations. As a result, you’ll provide a better platform for your team and enhanced service to your customers. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Software integrations are when two different programs can seamlessly share information automatically.
  • Contact center integrations help you boost productivity, enhance your analytics, and improve the customer experience.
  • Intermedia Contact Center has various pre-built integrations with popular applications.
  • You can have developers create tailored APIs to integrate your favorite business software with your contact center.

A Quick Explanation of Contact Center Integrations

Software integration is the process of connecting two different applications. Then, the programs can share data and update each other seamlessly. Therefore, contact center integrations are when you connect your cloud contact center platform to another business software that handles a different task.

Integrations are possible through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs). These APIs provide rules that allow the two separate programs to communicate in real time. 

Many top-of-the-line programs, including Intermedia Contact Center, come with pre-built integrations that work “out of the box.” These ready-made integrations are mostly for popular industry software. 

What if your favorite program doesn’t have a pre-built integration? Don’t worry! With an API platform, you can have developers integrate that software into your contact center for full functionality. 

What Contact Center Integrations Can Do for Your Business

Contact center integrations let you combine the power of distinct software for greater efficiency and productivity. Your agents spend less time on data entry and verifying information because the systems update each other automatically. This allows your workers to focus on more important problem-solving tasks that require the human touch.

For example, 74% of companies use customer relationship management (CRM) software. Contact center integration lets you call customers without leaving your CRM. Likewise, as you collect client information while working in your contact center software, the program can immediately populate your CRM with the appropriate data.

Quicker data collection translates to better analytics. You gather more information, and your business programs process it for rapid insights that show you how to optimize your contact center.

Naturally, that all makes for a better customer experience. With improved service, you’ll drive customer retention and likely see increased cross-selling and upselling for higher revenues.

Intermedia’s Top 7 Contact Center Integrations

Check out which contact center integrations Intermedia’s customers like the best.

1. Intermedia Unite

One feature that is surprisingly lacking in various contact center platforms is full integration with an internal private branch exchange. Your agents won’t have to toggle between apps when they need to reach a subject-matter expert within your company or collaborate on assignments outside of the remote contact center environment. A truly unified communications experience with Contact Center and Unite is the foundation of efficient customer service. You can even use similar integrations across both platforms to enhance your service capabilities even further.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce remains one of the most-used CRMs, with a 20% share of that market. If you’re already using it, you can integrate it into Intermedia Contact Center to make calls directly from the app and register call logs and other pertinent data in your client files.

3. Slack

Many hybrid and remote teams embraced Slack and want to enhance its functionality by integrating it into their contact center. Doing so allows you to send real-time alerts that let you rapidly deescalate problems.

4. Zendesk

Zendesk is another popular CRM that its clients like for its ease of use, and it’s another of our top contact center integrations. A favorite feature is the screen pops that automatically display customer information when you receive an incoming call.

5. ServiceNow

If you manage your workflows in ServiceNow, improve customer journeys with contact center integration. Easily log call details and preserve records of interactions in client records.

6. NextGen

Medical facilities need contact center integrations that streamline communications while maintaining regulatory compliance. Intermedia’s contact center integration with NextGen expedites patient verification by automatically displaying a secure dashboard with relevant information on every incoming call. This saves your agents from losing time by hunting for patient details.

(Pro tip: Other excellent electronic health record integrations with similar features include those for MEDITECH, Cerner Millennium, and Epic Care.)

7. ConnectWise

Managed service providers who resell Intermedia Contact Center can utilize the pre-built ConnectWise integration for enhanced customer service. It requires no heavy training or implementation costs to maximize agent efficiency while assisting clients. 

Get the Platform With the Top Contact Center Integrations Today

With Intermedia Contact Center, you can elevate your team even higher with contact center integrations. Contact us today to find out more about how our platform lets you deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Rob Oscanyan

Rob is Director for Product Marketing for Contact Center as a Service here at Intermedia.

May 20, 2024

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