Why a Small Business VoIP System Makes Sense for You

August 28, 2023

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Voice over Internet Protocol services might sound like fancy technology that only large enterprises can afford. In truth, though, small business VoIP systems have quickly become a practical choice for more modestly sized organizations.

Recent numbers even show that over a third of the world is using mobile VoIP as a quick and cost-effective solution to connect with others.

Why is a small business VoIP system the right choice for your company? Learn how this service is superior to traditional landlines and provides you with the features you need to compete against the top guns in your industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Small business VoIP services are more popular than ever for their cost savings and advanced features.
  • A top VoIP provider such as Intermedia can offer quick support and top-of-the-line security for your phone service.
  • A small business VoIP system integrates with other business technology to help you boost productivity.

A Quick Breakdown of What a Small Business VoIP Service Is

A small business VoIP system transfers voice and video calls over your high-speed internet connection instead of old copper telephone lines. The software converts the data into packets and transmits them in high definition.

Modern small business VoIP services also include additional channels. Team chat, online faxing, and text messaging are easy to access from the same vendor. 

Why a Small Business VoIP System Is the Best Communications Solution

You need a business line to serve your customers well and present a professional image. If employees use their personal phones for company communications, you might lose access to valuable clients when a worker goes on leave or departs the organization.

Small business VoIP technology also solves key pain points for companies by offering advanced features and functionality in a single platform. Now you can keep up with larger enterprises by accessing the same kinds of productivity features that they have.

How Small Business VoIP Solutions Outperform Landline Exchanges

Small business VoIP systems outdo landlines in nearly every vital category. 

Quicker Installation

Time really is money for small businesses. You can’t afford to have long blackout periods while waiting for technicians to install or migrate your new phone system. Small business VoIP services operate over the internet and can become active with no downtime.

No Early Termination Fees

Traditional landlines often have long contracts and early termination fees for services and features. These demands can put a strain on your budget.

In contrast, your small business VoIP system is a flexible subscription service. You can quickly adjust the number of lines and features according to your workload and seasonality. 

Cost Savings 

You can get excellent cost savings with small business VoIP lines. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on complex installations, you can use your existing internet connection to start your service.

Additionally, you don’t have to pay for on-site hardware. You also avoid the expenses for extra staff to care for the system.

Rapid Support 

Landline phones not only cost you extra on support staff or specialists, but you have to wait for technicians to show up and service you. A hosted small business VoIP system has a 24/7 staff available to provide answers to your technical issues.

Higher Security

Having expensive IT equipment could make your seemingly inconspicuous operation a target for criminals. You’d have to invest in security to protect an on-premises communications system. 

With small business VoIP lines, security is all part of your low-cost package. Not only is the hardware sitting in guarded data centers, but you also can rely on best-in-class cybersecurity and backup from your provider.

Why Companies Opt for Intermedia’s Small Business VoIP Services

Numerous companies offer small business VoIP services, so the choice between vendors can get confusing. However, you can be sure you’re making the right decision when you work with Intermedia as your provider and partner.

Our organization has three decades of experience and has helped over 135,000 businesses maintain and improve their connectivity. When you try our Worry-Free Experience for onboarding and migration, you’ll understand why we’re still an industry leader.

A Service That’s Not Just for Small Businesses

You might have grand ambitions for your company that include growing far beyond your current size. Fortunately, your small business VoIP system is ready to grow with you. 

For example, you can add virtual extensions for additional employees in an instant without installation costs. If you need to bring on remote workers or move to a new location, your hosted service can go anywhere you want, as long as there’s a stable internet connection.

The Best Features of Small Business VoIP Systems

When you set up a small business VoIP system, you get access to features that traditional landline users can only dream of (unless they have limitless budgets and money to burn).

Omnichannel Communications 

Small business VoIP services allow you to combine various channels into one seamless platform. As a result, your team members don’t have to fumble through different apps or devices to handle different communication methods. 

Email, text, chat, video conference, and voice calls work through one software. Everyone can stay on the same page and collaborate in real time through their preferred channels.

Unmatched Productivity

The omnichannel experience helps you organize your conversations and speeds up the data collection process. You can integrate apps for workforce and customer relationship management right into the system to save time tracking the customer journey and worker productivity.

A small business VoIP service on a unified communications platform also integrates with your contact center. Your service and sales agents can more easily speak to internal subject matter experts to find fast solutions.

This improved customer experience enhances your ability to compete with larger competitors.

Reach Out To Intermedia To Set Up Your Small Business VoIP Service Today

Setting up your own small business VoIP system is only a call away. Contact us at Intermedia to configure your company’s setup now.

Rob Gold

August 28, 2023

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