The Comprehensive Guide to White-Label Support

April 8, 2023

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As your company grows, your customer service must expand to address all client questions and confusion. Could white-label support help you meet that need?

Customer support cannot sit on the back burner because most of your customers will judge you on the quality of your service. Consequently, you need a solid plan.

Look into how white-label support can be the answer.

Key Takeaways:

  • White-label support offers a quick and cost-effective way to provide customer support without developing an IT support team from scratch.
  • A support provider should offer quick integration with your operations and reputable service.
  • A provider should be partner-first, offering a noncompetitive alliance and brandable materials to keep your company first in your customers’ minds.

A Brief Breakdown of White-Label Support 

White-label support is a service you contract with a communications vendor to offer your customers a convenient help desk that remains under your branding. With a cost-efficient investment in the service, your business can have a well-run technical services department.

This arrangement helps your end users get full use of your products and services because a real person can guide them and answer questions. If problems arise, agents can troubleshoot and lead callers to a resolution.

Note some of the qualities to find in a provider.

Speedy Integration

Time is of the essence with support. Your customers would rather not deal with problems or questions, but when they do, your support team’s responsiveness can make you a hero or a zero.

Starting a new department always involves growing pains. However, white-label support minimizes those speed bumps by providing you with a ready-made support team. 

You also gain flexibility for the future. You can stick with your white-label support for as long as you like or use the time to train and build your own support team.

Noncompetitive Partnership

You’re putting your valued client relationships in your provider’s hands by using white-label support. Doing so requires implicit trust that your partner provider will offer your clients exceptional service and won’t attempt to take your customers or funnel them to another partner.

Find a vendor that always conducts itself professionally and has a strong track record of assisting resellers. A reliable provider gives you control of and accepts your input into the service level. This means you’ll be sure that when customers call your number for help, they’ll work with professionals who represent what you stand for.

Brandable Support Materials

With white-label support, you present a unified front to your customers by offering all services under one name. While you might consider using a managed service provider specializing in IT support, distinct branding may confuse your customers or weaken your credibility.

Also, support goes beyond how your customers interact with an agent via phone or email. Online resources and published material are often a user’s first option for resolving an issue.

Your partner keeps you front and center with guides and training materials that you can brand with your logo. Your clients will have the necessary FAQs and user manuals to succeed with your products. You may also receive other marketing materials you can customize.

Remember that creating attractive manuals and materials requires an eye for design and clear writing. Customers can lose confidence if your brochures and online support tools look homemade. Rely on a partner-first white-label support provider that stays invisible when you want it to and makes you the star.

Reporting and Feedback

One way to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer service is to work with a provider with a consistent reporting process and feedback. The input lets you hone your instructions to the support team to better meet customer needs. 

Round-the-Clock Expert Service

Your support department should be able to offer consistent Level 1 and Level 2 assistance. You can coordinate with your white-label support provider to ensure your customers have a single point of contact, creating a seamless extension for your help desk.

Another concern is having experts on staff who can work in any operating system. A competent team can deal with a situation whether an end user is running Windows, Apple, Android, or Linux.

You also have to consider paying agents to be available 24/7. Small and mid-sized companies can struggle to compete with larger brands with extensive teams that are available around the clock. With white-label support, you can provide immediate 24-hour technical help for a more professional presentation.

Bringing on an outside crew lets you save time for your engineers and employees. You don’t have to worry about your higher-tiered workers taking focus away from pressing assignments to handle customer issues.

Secure and Reputable Support

Security is key as end users may have to reference private information while dealing with a challenge. When you hire support staff, you need total trust in their confidentiality.

Depending on the industry, various standards or regulations may apply to communications. Your white-label support provider must handle discussions securely. 

When a provider has years of experience in security and data protection, you can rest assured that your customers will have no legitimate worries about the safety of their data.

The Ideal Partner for White-Label Support 

Partnering with Intermedia offers you the premier solution in white-label support. You’ll deliver stellar service to your customers and remove a burden from your employees. Contact Intermedia to uncover flexible options for a white-label support partnership.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

April 8, 2023

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