What Makes a Profitable White Label Partner Program?

Wouldn’t you love an easier way to add high-profit products to your portfolio than creating something from scratch? Fortunately, you can get ready-made, proven items under your own brand with a white-label partner program.

In particular, managed service providers and IT agencies have a brilliant opportunity to add unified communications to their offerings. The industry looks to quadruple over the course of a decade, and white-labeling lets you get into the market with relative ease.

What does a white-label partnership involve, and how can you ensure your program will be profitable? Find out more in this brief breakdown.

Key Takeaways:

  • A white-label partner program allows you to resell a finished product as your own.
  • You can choose to put only your branding on the product, co-brand with the manufacturer, or resell the item as an advisor for a commission.
  • Find the right provider by looking for a collaborative company with a solid track record and a quality product.

Understanding What a White-Label Partner Program Is

A white-label partner program is when one company manufactures a product or offers a service and sells it to another party for resale to an end user. The reseller brands the item as its own, and the customer doesn’t have to know about the manufacturer.

Determining the Right Type of White-Label Partner Program 

A white-label partner program allows you to resell unified communications or a contact center service your way. You can choose the perfect model from three options.

Private Label Reseller

Do you want all the praise and focus for the product? Opt for a private label reseller structure. Some companies refer to this setup as a “closed” white-label partnership.

In this scenario, you label the product and its materials only with your logo and branding. You completely own the customer relationship and control billing, bundling, and support.

However, a supportive partner, such as Intermedia, still backs you up with phone and chat support as you service your clients. This white-label partner program lets you leverage your brand’s value and boost it even further.

Co-Branded Partnership

A co-branded program also goes by the name of an “open” white-label partnership. In this case, you still own the relationship and control pricing.

However, with a co-branded solution, you put the product creator’s branding alongside yours. This feature allows you to go to market and capitalize on the reputation of your white-label partner when reselling the communications service.

Service Advisor Reseller

This final option isn’t technically white labeling, but it can be ideal for certain customers. As an endorsed provider, you resell UC to the end user and co-own the relationship with your partner.

This alternative is ideal when you’d rather hand off the work of technical support and branding. Your partner’s branding is on all products and materials, and you receive a commission for sales.

Finding the Right White-Label Program Partner

Once you determine the type of white-label partner program that works best for you, you’ll need to find a company that you can strategically align with. Look for the following characteristics in a quality UC provider.

Quality Product

Your name will be front and center on the product, so you want to be sure that what you’re offering will make you look good. Work with a provider that offers a solution with a solid reputation, top-rated reviews, and even industry awards.

Solid Track Record

Your partner is your number-one resource for training and troubleshooting. While there’s nothing wrong with working with a newer company, decades of expertise speak to your partner’s experience and reliability.

With a long-standing company, you won’t have to worry about your partner disappearing overnight or not knowing how to help you. Robust experience is always a plus to your white-label partner program.

Open and Clear Communication

As you check reviews and testimonials, ensure that your partner is communicative. (Of course, that should already be a hallmark of a communications company, right?)

Video Embed: https://youtu.be/gOHFaa6s1WA?si=yXBD-w7DvecXT3Yi 

Another simple way to check that the company is open to sharing and ready to assist is by seeing that they regularly publish industry content. Check the social media profile and blog to see if the content is consistent or sporadic.

Branding Assistance

Your partner should make it easier for you to brand and resell materials with practical guidance. You can leverage the provider’s expertise in marketing to get on your feet more quickly with a turnkey solution and start selling immediately. 

Technical Support

Ensure that your partner doesn’t just have the knowledge and expertise to offer support but does so in a customer-centric manner. Look for access to senior technicians, all-hours availability, and short hold times to ensure you can service your clients the best. 

Full Autonomy

The beauty of a white-label partner program is that you get an excellent solution and still retain control. Verify with the potential provider that they will not interfere with how you want to resell and that you will be your own boss. If you can’t set your own prices and sales structure, then you’re better off looking for another provider. 

Supportive Approach

Your provider must also fully commit to helping you succeed financially with your white-label partner program. As a demonstration of how much the provider values your partnership, you should receive benefits and additional assistance as you grow.

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