What Is a White Label Hosted VoIP Service?

January 24, 2023

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Miles and miles of telephone lines were once the primary means of long-distance communication. Now, impressive internet speeds offer everyday people inexpensive international connectivity through services like a white label hosted VoIP platform.

This method of selling voice over internet protocol can be a profitable product for managed service providers and similar companies hunting for ways to boost their bottom lines. Discover how reselling a hosted VoIP can become the perfect addition to an enterprise.

Key Takeaways:

  • VoIP services provide superior connectivity to businesses.
  • A hosted VoIP offers the best in call quality, security, and flexibility for small and midsize companies.
  • White labeling allows resellers to offer an excellent VoIP service at impressive margins with minimal legwork.

What Does a White Label Hosted VoIP Service Do?

VoIP is a technology that uses a high-speed internet connection to make live voice calls. Most people who have the internet have used VoIP at some point.

This technology facilitates calls to other online machines, traditional analog phones, and mobile devices. VoIP’s digital signal can provide clear, high-definition call quality that is vastly superior to other connections.



The hosting part of white label hosted VoIP refers to the hardware and service providing the connection. The earliest VoIP services required an in-house adaptor or specialized phone. That equipment can now sit in a different environment than the users. A caller only needs the right software to utilize VoIP services and compatible personal devices while the hardware works from a data center.

The advantage of hosting is that organizations do not have to purchase or rent expensive equipment for their VoIP platform. A small business that lacks the resources for such an investment can access a VoIP solution without high overhead. In fact, smaller companies show cost savings of up to 37%, according to Metrigy, when using hosted communications solutions.

What about the white labeling part of white label hosted VoIP? White label products are items that a reseller purchases or licenses from a vendor. The reseller can then market and brand the product as their own. It is as if the service comes to resellers with a “white label” on which they can place their own branding.

What Are the Advantages of a White Label Hosted VoIP Solution for Customers?

VoIP opens the door to futuristic features that people only dreamed of years ago. Internet connectivity and integration with other apps mean a company can remotely manage the system and add or remove lines as needed. A white label hosted VoIP platform also simplifies conferencing solutions, making group calls easier.

Organizations with high call volume, such as contact centers, can employ automated call distribution to forward incoming calls to available agents. This feature lessens wait times and enhances customer service.

Interactive voice recognition software seamlessly guides callers through a menu to gather or share information. For example, a customer can access account details, fill out surveys, and make secure payments. The system forwards the caller to a human agent if the issue is too complex.

More Than Voice

Even better is how a contemporary VoIP service allows more than voice calls. The top VoIP providers offer Unified Communications as a Service with multiple conveniences.

Video and chat features should be standard offerings from any communications provider. Voice and video calls allow captioning and transcription in addition to recordings, making note-taking and documentation a breeze. Such technologies can blend with a customer relationship management tool to track and better serve customers.

Additionally, a white label hosted VoIP service offers outstanding security. A business can be sure that all communications comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and meet compliance for industries that need utmost confidentiality.

If a disaster strikes or an area suffers outages, data centers have backup and recovery options to preserve connectivity. A company can set up call forwarding to mobile devices and maintain business continuity.

What Are the Different Types of VoIP Solutions?

VoIP comes in three varieties. In-house platforms keep the server onsite with the end user. The company installs its own private branch exchange with local hardware, such as telephone handsets, that connect to the server with an Ethernet cable. In-house services give a company total control over the system but also cost more and involve more onsite maintenance than the other two options.

White label hosted VoIP platforms maintain all of the hardware on a remote site. Companies don’t have to worry about maintenance and can scale up or down in a moment by managing the service through the vendor’s platform. While this alternative does not offer as much control as an in-house solution, most small and midsize businesses would rather not invest the time and effort into maintaining a VoIP anyway.

Hybrid platforms blend both systems. A company may purchase some handsets but also use hosted services. Companies that already have a PBX and want to save money often use this option.

SIP trunking is a fantastic technology that allows companies to bring the power of VoIP to their current internal phone system. The top white label hosted VoIP providers, such as Intermedia, also offer SIP trunking.

What Are the Benefits of White Labeling?

With all of the advantages of VoIP and a unified communications solution, providing these services is a no-brainer for entrepreneurs in the B2B space. Managed service providers that already offer technical solutions to small businesses can add white label VoIP services to their offerings for a beneficial upsell.

The service provides monthly recurring revenue at much better margins than commission sales if a reselling partner is willing to put in the work. Fortunately, there is not much work because white labeling lets a business focus on the things it does best.

A provider that offers a complete solution can even furnish white label IT support. Providing a white label hosted VoIP service as part of an integrated unified communications platform also means billing is simple and transparent.

Who Offers the Top White Label Hosted VoIP Platform for Resellers?

A white label hosted VoIP service is an amazing product to offer, but it is only as good as the provider behind it. Reach out to Intermedia to customize a superb resale program that will impress you and your customers.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

January 24, 2023

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