What Makes a Great White Label VoIP Provider?

February 1, 2023

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The technology services industry becomes increasingly competitive as more players enter the field. Building a prosperous firm requires standing out with a solid product and impeccable service. Meeting those challenges means evaluating white label VoIP providers and selecting the best option.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your VoIP provider should offer a robust suite of features that lets you stay competitive in the market.
  • A supplier must guarantee a noncompetitive partnership and outstanding support.
  • Great white label VoIP providers offer you freedom and flexibility to run your business your way.

Remember the following points as you decide on a VoIP provider.

Your Brand at the Forefront With Top White Label VoIP Providers

White labeling lets you be the star of the show with your customers. From marketing to billing, your clientele should see your company as the primary contact and expert for their communications needs.

For example, billing discrepancies can lead to numerous problems. Accounts payable may delay sending payment when your company name and what’s on the bill do not match up. An invoice with your logo and tagline is another subtle way to promote yourself. Doing so also prevents your clients from viewing you as an interchangeable commodity.

Also, the field of competition is stiff enough without you having to worry about battling your supplier. When you decide to resell VoIP, you should be able to trust that your white label VoIP provider will stay out of the way and not try to undercut your efforts.

This detail is crucial since your provider helps manage the system and data. You need a company with a solid track record of supporting other managed service providers and resellers without using the connection as a means to pilfer clients. Testimonials and reviews can alert you about who you can trust and who to avoid.

A Limitless Revenue Stream Through Exceptional Features

When you offer services as a reseller through one of the white label VoIP providers, you are the boss. With that additional ownership comes the potential for larger profits. You don’t have to follow pricing schemes from an outside corporation that does not have direct contact with your market.

Voice communication is only the beginning of your offerings. Your vendor should be able to supply abundant features as selling points and add-ons for additional monthly recurring income.

Video Embed: What is MRR or Monthly Recurring Revenue in SaaS?

Look for the following capabilities:

  • Software-defined Wide Area Network: An SD-WAN allows end users to manage their connections and ensure stability.
  • Virtual fax services: End users can keep connections with clients who prefer traditional communication with online fax capabilities that do not require an additional phone line.
  • Video: Video is a modern necessity, and white label VoIP providers should be able to offer video call and conferencing capabilities.
  • Short Message Service: More marketing and connections are through text and direct messages, so SMS is another vital service.

These features allow you to fulfill multiple needs in your market and keep customers coming back for more. Consider a few other valuable offerings.

An Integrated Communications Platform

More businesses are taking advantage of Call Center as a Service and Unified Communications as a Service platforms. Integrations of these services provide additional savings and benefits. Resellers should keep their eyes on these areas as experts project exponential growth in upcoming years for these products.

However, not all vendors offer these products, and even fewer provide a genuinely integrated solution. Such separation opens the door to lost productivity and future complications. The best white label VoIP providers offer a blended UC + CC platform.

Hosted Private Branch Exchange and SIP Trunking Access

A fully hosted PBX immensely simplifies reselling communications products. Most small businesses do not have the resources to purchase the infrastructure necessary for an on-premises PBX.

When your VoIP supplier can host the physical network hardware off-site, small companies can maintain flexibility and eliminate the hesitation of investing in a phone system. This permits an organization to remain agile and scale up or down rapidly.

A hosted exchange also provides additional security in case of a disaster or outage. The provider can route calls to mobile devices and use backup data centers to keep services running.

Session Initiation Protocol trunking offers companies that already have a local exchange the ability to utilize VoIP’s cost savings and adaptability. Organizations no longer have to look for costly solutions to gain features such as advanced call routing, voicemail to email, high-definition voice, and conferencing.

Porting Capabilities and Provisional Numbers

When white label VoIP providers give you the ability to offer your customers additional lines and numbers, you provide clients with unmatched flexibility to execute specialized marketing campaigns, test-run new initiatives, and expand departments. For example, an advertising campaign with a contest may have a unique phone number that functions temporarily for that sole purpose.

A growing subsidiary may eventually supersede a parent company. Long-time customers that use the previous number don’t have to find the new contact info since porting connects them to the updated master line. Such consistency and flexibility prevent hitches in communication and present a stable image to end users while handling voice migrations.

Assistance From Education, Resources, and Support

Even though you’re the boss, you still need sufficient support and education to understand what you’re selling and what’s new with the product. Superior white label VoIP providers are partners that offer robust training on using system resources. 

The training elevates your team to become industry experts and not mere product pushers. You also learn how to tailor the VoIP system to your customers and add value that raises you above your competition.

The Best of the White Label VoIP Providers 

Intermedia has made selecting from the long list of white label VoIP providers straightforward and pleasant. Once you work with our flexible and customizable program, you’ll never need to search for a unified communications partner again. Contact the Intermedia team today to learn about our partnership models to start offering VoIP your way.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

February 1, 2023

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