6 Steps To Becoming a Successful VoIP Reseller

November 20, 2023

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It may surprise you to learn that Voice over Internet Protocol has been around since the earliest days of the internet in 1973. However, the first commercially available systems didn’t appear until just over 20 years later.

Now the market has matured to a point where it makes a lot of sense for a tech professional or managed service provider to add value to their customers by becoming a VoIP reseller. How do you ensure your reseller program will be a winner rather than a flop?

Explore these six steps to becoming a successful VoIP reseller.

Key Takeaways:

  • Investigate the VoIP reseller field before jumping in and determine your ideal customer profile.
  • Choose a reliable provider as a partner and select a program that will be manageable and profitable.
  • Design a marketing strategy to get attention and focus on pleasing your customer base once you enter the market.

1. Get To Know the VoIP Reseller Business

As much as we love the VoIP reseller business here at Intermedia, we would never encourage you to jump into it without first understanding the field. However, you shouldn’t unnecessarily delay entering the market if you can because it offers a lot of potential for generating revenue.

Acumen Research projects the global market for VoIP to more than double over the next decade. Numerous other research firms have reached similar findings. 

You also need to understand the technical side of things because you’ll be the support team for your customers (unless you choose a commission-based program — more on that later). Either you or someone on your team needs to be knowledgeable about how networking and gateways function.

Resources and Vocabulary for You To Begin With

If you’re starting from scratch, you can access online resources to get a better grasp on VoIP. For example, with Intermedia as a partner and provider, you can receive online training at the Intermedia University online portal.

For a crash course in VoIP, you can find many articles on our blog. Learn the key terms and acronyms that you’ll use as a VoIP reseller, such as:

  • SIP: Session Initiation Protocol is a technology that allows the transmission of multimedia messages and can enable analog phone systems to use VoIP.
  • PSTN: The Public Switched Telephone Network is the traditional landline system that uses copper cables to transmit audio.
  • IVR: An Interactive Voice Response system is an automated technology that allows callers to input a dialed or vocal response to prerecorded messages to move through a menu of options.
  • PBX: Public Branch Exchanges are telephone systems that connect a group of extensions with an internal telephone line and allow those connections to share a public number to connect out to external parties.
  • QoS: Quality of Service refers to the technologies that control your network traffic and ensure vital applications can perform with limited network capacity.

Of course, there is much more to learn as a VoIP reseller. One of the best ways to discover how to upskill your team is to talk with an Intermedia representative who can directly address your particular situation.

2. Identify Your Market

Smart companies do market research to understand who needs their service most. Then they cater their efforts to those parties. Focusing on a niche is usually much better than trying to go broad.

For example, you might be an attractive option in your community because few other local companies can provide in-house attention. You might have expertise that applies to a specific field, such as medical, legal, or manufacturing.

Whatever your focus, avoid competing simply on price, which gets you into battles that destroy your profitability. Figure out who you can add the most value to and who’s willing to pay for the unique service you can render as a VoIP reseller.

3. Choose Your VoIP Reseller Partner

Many companies offer reseller programs, so you might find the choice overwhelming. Look for a provider that makes things easy for you and helps you get started.

First, look for years of experience in communications. The brand should have confidence in its ability to support you so that you don’t have to make expensive upfront investments in tools and equipment to begin.

Your partner should also have flexibility in programs and provide marketing support. You should have the option to own the customer relationship all on your own without interference or receive full support and cobranding if you need it. 

4. Choose Your Partner Program

VoIP reseller programs should not be one size fits all. You might be ready to handle everything yourself, or you might need more assistance from your provider. Determine which type of reseller program fits you:

  • Private Label: You own the relationship, close the deal, set your own price, and provide customer support. All products, services, and materials only have your logo and branding on them. 
  • Cobranded: You still own the relationship, set prices, and close the deal. However, in this model, your branding sits alongside that of the provider for greater credibility if you need it.
  • Commission sales: You close the deal for a commission. The provider provides all technical support and branding.

Fortunately, you don’t lock into one particular program with Intermedia. You can use a different program on a customer-by-customer basis.

5. Create a Marketing Strategy

Offering a great product isn’t enough on its own to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, even as a VoIP reseller. You have to market and promote yourself to encourage your target audience to give you a try.

You should already understand your market at this point and appreciate their pain points. Determine what types of promotions you need to run and where to convert leads into customers.


6. Go to Market and Wow Your Customers

Now you have everything you need to be a top-tier VoIP reseller. Launch your marketing to let buyers know you’re coming and stay focused on providing great service. As you build strong relationships by offering great service and beneficial content, you’ll get a steady foothold in the marketplace. 

Discover Why Intermedia’s VoIP Reseller Programs Are the Best in the Industry

For many years, Intermedia has been a trusted communications provider and partner for VoIP resellers. If you’re ready to become a profitable VoIP reseller, talk to us today about our Champions Program.

Valerie Berezuk

November 20, 2023

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