The Complete Guide to White-Label Communication

January 13, 2023

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Entrepreneurs and business owners struggling to enter another profitable market have come to the right place. Selling software and subscription-based technology solutions is an excellent and worthwhile income stream. Whether a professional is starting a new venture or adding to existing offerings, white-label communications provide one of the best ways to deliver high-demand products with fantastic margins.

Key Takeaways:

  • White-labeling offers a simple way to join or make more income in the flourishing communications market.
  • Services such as UCaaS solve critical issues for businesses that need uncomplicated communications solutions.
  • Resellers need to find a trustworthy provider to succeed.

Get the scoop on white-label communications here.

What Are White-Label Communications?

Communications here refers to everyday connectivity services using audio, video, and text through software. However, white labeling may be a new idea to some.

A white-label product is one that a retailer or reseller purchases or licenses from a supplier, vendor, or distributor. Then the reseller repackages the item and sells the product under the reseller’s own branding. The system can be profitable and time-saving.

The particular services a white-label communications reseller offers can vary. Such products often include:

  • VoIP
  • SIP trunking
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Cloud storage and file management

Resellers usually aim to furnish a combination of services as a one-stop shop for a company’s communications. The real power lies in the ability to offer unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS). 

UCaaS vs. CCaaS

UCaaS allows businesses of any size to stop using multiple apps and software to communicate internally and externally. Instead, the organization can bring all its conversations into one easy-to-use platform. Using white-label communications can solve speed, security, and collaboration concerns.

CCaaS alleviates the need to build an in-house contact center, a godsend for many small and mid-sized businesses. With the support of the provider and reseller, companies have access to quicker and more personable assistance than other hourly IT consultants tend to offer.

Who Resells White Label Communications?

Any business or entrepreneur could get into the game of selling communications. The market is growing with no signs of slowing down. This sector offers organizations contemporary connections with superior support. A few types of companies are in a prime position to take advantage of reselling white-label communications. 

Managed service providers can add white-label products to their list of services. MSPs curate a suite of tech solutions for businesses in a specific niche and build a strong brand that caters to a particular sector.

Systems integrators can adopt white-label communication products into solutions they offer to clients. Similarly, value-added resellers can take the software and tweak it to fit the needs of the industry they service. 

Internet service providers can add these products to their stable of offerings to provide more benefits to the lucrative commercial sector. Office equipment providers can add UCaaS and other services to their communications equipment for an easy upsell that generates recurring revenue.

The pie is large for companies in this space. A third of a trillion dollars in revenue comes from communications as a whole, and the overwhelming bulk of that is from the United States. Such potential makes now an ideal time to become a reseller.

Who Provides White-Label Communications to Resellers?

Cloud communications companies, such as Intermedia, provide white-label communications to partners ready to resell. Since SaaS, or software as a service, is a big business with many new and flashy players, resellers must carefully examine a potential provider. A provider should offer some essential elements beyond a healthy profit margin:

  • Credibility: A reseller needs a trustworthy provider with a solid track record.
  • Security: Customers will put sensitive information on these networks. Providers must have robust security in place to protect data.
  • Customer service: The reseller and end users will depend on the provider to handle any hiccups efficiently and responsively. 
  • Ease of use: An overwhelming advantage of UCaaS and other white-label communications is the ability to convert multiple networks into one simple system. That system must be easy to deploy, integrate, and maintain with onboarding and continuing education.
  • Customizable partnership: A partner should offer flexibility for whether a reseller wants to have its own label on the product, cobrand with the provider, or simply sell on a commission basis.

Resellers can build a strong brand by finding a partner with these characteristics.

What Are the Benefits of Reselling White-Label Communications?

For anyone who remains unconvinced, a brief overview demonstrates why this is an outstanding business.

Expanding Product Offerings

Existing businesses can add more value to their market. Selling to an existing client is easier than constantly searching for new customers. A company can quickly bring a solid product with a proven track record to customers, building customer loyalty and outpacing the competition.

Gaining Recurring Revenue

The UCaaS market looks to more than double in less than a decade. With white-label communications, a business does not have the worries of constantly handling physical products. 

The subscription model is one of the best revenue streams and only relies on the company continuing to provide top-notch service. The potential for expansion is practically limitless with rapid scaling with minimal overhead.

Saving Time and Money

The time, energy, and capital to develop, test, and launch proprietary in-house software is no longer an obstacle. Resellers get a proven product without the hassle.

Owning the Customers and Branding

The reseller model is impressively flexible. A company can assume the role of a commissioned sales team and rely on the provider’s brand name for marketing and sales. 

However, companies with an already strong presence can brand and market the white-label communications offerings as their own, all while benefiting from the assistance of the partner provider. Since customers allow brand loyalty to guide purchases, a reseller benefits from the power to tailor branding decisions for a specific market. Additionally, profit margins and pricing remain in the reseller’s control.

Where Can Resellers Find the Best Partner and Provider of White-Label Communications?

Getting started as a reseller of white-label communications couldn’t be more straightforward. Reach out to Intermedia for the perfect partnership. The Intermedia Partner Accelerate program provides everything a reseller needs to customize a cloud business.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

January 13, 2023

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