White-Label Cloud PBX: The Complete Guide

February 12, 2024

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The growth of remote and hybrid work has seen the rapid rise of cloud software, especially in communications. Location-agnostic companies now heavily rely on virtual private branch exchanges for their business phone service. 

The outlook for unified communications remains strong, and this has also motivated many in the tech space to start selling white-label cloud PBX themselves. In fact, the global market recently reached nearly $53 billion, and projections put it to hit $311 billion by 2032.

What do you need to know about white-label cloud PBX before you start selling it? Why should you be using cloud PBX for your business anyway?

Key Takeaways:

  • A cloud-based PBX is an internal business phone system that you can use anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • On-premise digital PBX systems are better than traditional landline services but cannot match the cost savings and flexibility of cloud PBX.
  • Businesses appreciate cloud PBX for its reliability, advanced features, and flexibility. 
  • Companies can add white-label cloud PBX to their portfolios to provide more value to customers and gain additional revenue.

What Is White-Label Cloud PBX?

Basically, white-label cloud PBX is a business phone system. However, a few things make it better than a standard, barebones corporate line.

The Additional Connectivity of a PBX

To start, PBX stands for “private branch exchange.” As the name suggests, this is a smaller internal phone system that connects a single organization with a local switchboard. A PBX also connects those in the organization to external parties through a single outside telephone line. 

In analog systems, the PBX user has to input a special sequence of digits to connect to the world outside of the organization. You’ve likely used this setup or seen others use it when you call a company and have to reach someone by means of an extension. 

The Flexibility of the Cloud

Traditionally, a PBX was a complex, wired system that required physical phones and on-site hardware. Now, cloud PBX services operate entirely with virtual software that a provider hosts and protects in secure data centers.

Consequently, white-label cloud PBX is the apex of digital communications. It enables access to omnichannel communications for high-definition voice and video calls, email, text, internet chat, and fax. 

As part of a unified communications solution, you get all of this in one convenient platform. An added benefit is you can use the service wherever you can get online.

The Benefits of White Labeling

White-label cloud PBX refers to an arrangement where a company sells a vendor’s PBX solution under its own brand. In other words, white labeling refers to when a company acquires a product or service that has a “white label.” Then, the business resells it with its own branding.

You can purchase excellent white-label cloud PBX solutions from managed service providers and value-added resellers that partner with Intermedia. These companies might tailor and package their white-label communications in a distinct way to meet the needs of their particular audience.

Additionally, if you are an MSP, VAR, or tech company, you should consider selling Intermedia Unite unified communications as a service. This addition to your portfolio can add value to existing customers to boost your revenue and increase customer retention. 

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What About Digital PBX?

Some providers offer what is merely digital on-premise PBX. The problem with in-house digital systems is the end user still has to install, operate, and maintain the infrastructure. As a result, the service subscriber has increased costs and maintenance with a lower return on investment. 

Furthermore, if you’re going to become a PBX reseller, you probably don’t want to be responsible for constantly repairing and upgrading on-site components for your customers. With cloud communications, you can troubleshoot and offer technical assistance remotely. This lets you sell to a wider audience and increase your monthly recurring revenue.

Why Are So Many Companies Switching to White-Label Cloud PBX?

Resellers and their customers love how white-label cloud PBX elevates their communications in the following ways.

Better Cost Control

A white-label cloud PBX does not require purchasing special physical equipment, meaning team members can use their own devices on the network and still preserve privacy and security protocols. A company also has low installation and maintenance costs with a cloud-based system. 

Additionally, the administrative portal offers complete control over add-ons. Customers only pay for what they want and avoid hidden fees.

Advanced Features

Virtual PBX lets users acquire the latest technological advancements for increased productivity and enhanced customer service. Interactive voice response, intelligent call routing, and call recording are just a few common features.

Recently, companies are taking greater advantage of artificial intelligence to streamline workflows. With Intermedia’s AI Assistant, resellers can offer an even better white-label cloud PBX with secure and industry-compliant AI.

Reliable Service

Landlines are susceptible to long, revenue-draining outages due to accidents, deterioration, and natural disasters. Your vendor protects and backs up your white-label cloud PBX in multiple secure off-site data centers so you won’t lose connectivity or your data.

Remote and Hybrid Work Compatible

Cloud capabilities mean your PBX goes wherever you are. All you need is the internet to get connected. Comprehensive cloud security ensures your interactions stay private.

Who Is the Top White-Label Cloud PBX Partner?

Intermedia has been a top communications provider for over 30 years and has served over 135,000 companies. In fact, we’ve garnered various awards and recognition for our service:

  • Seven consecutive J.D. Power awards for “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” in assisted technical support
  • Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Global New Product Innovation Award for Unite Archiving
  • PC Editors’ Choice for SMBs and enterprises
  • Five stars from CRN for comprehensive support of resellers in our Champion Program 

Intermedia’s Worry-Free Experience ensures that nothing distracts you from adding value to your business with your communications as either a customer or reseller.

Access World-Class White-Label Cloud PBX With Intermedia 

Getting started with white-label cloud PBX is easy, whether you want to be a customer or get even more benefits as a reseller. Talk to us at Intermedia to discover our Champions Partner programs today.

Rob Gold

February 12, 2024

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