White-Label Hosted PBX: Everything You Need To Know

June 5, 2023

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Managed service providers constantly look for ways to build their businesses and win new customers. An excellent way to do this is with white-label products.

White labeling gives a modestly sized MSP the chance to go head to head with larger competitors without straining resources. One of the best products to accomplish that goal is a white-label hosted PBX.

If you’re unfamiliar with communications services or need more information about how they can enhance your offerings, discover everything you need to know here.

Key Takeaways:

  • A white-label hosted PBX is a business phone system that an MSP can resell to organizations using the MSP’s branding.
  • A hosted PBX from a top-tier provider, such as Intermedia, is easy to set up and manage.
  • Unified communications in a hosted PBX offer excellent features, such as web phones, apps, video conferencing, chat, texting, and software integrations.

What Is a White-Label Hosted PBX? 

Three components define a white-label hosted PBX.

1. A Private Branch Exchange

PBX refers to a private branch exchange. It is a private telephone network that securely connects the internal staff of an organization. At the same time, the system allows the team to connect with external parties through a service that meets the business’s communication needs.

2. A Hosted Service

A hosted service is an application and infrastructure that operates online instead of in a user’s location. The provider “hosts” the infrastructure and hardware at a secure location, and users access the services through internet-connected devices.

A traditional analog PBX operated through physical phone lines. Technicians would have to run connections to each exchange and set up a way for the internal system to call out to outside parties.

A hosted exchange uses voice over internet protocol to handle phone services. Online connectivity also permits access to other communications channels through the same system.

3. A White Label

White labeling means offering a service from a third-party provider under your own branding.

Putting these three elements together, a white-label hosted PBX is an internal communications service you sell under your brand name to new and existing clients. You are able to provide a complete service without the investment in time and money needed to design your own communications system.

How Easy Is It To Install and Manage a White-Label Hosted PBX?

With a supportive provider, a white-label hosted PBX is simple to set up. You only need to initiate your reseller contract. Then you can begin installing service for your customers using a dashboard on your devices.

Since you own the customer relationship, you activate and install services on your timeline. Ensure you work with a partner that supports you every step of the way and offers top-rated customer service for you and your clients.

Your dashboard also lets you continually monitor your customers’ quality of service. You can work with your provider to proactively diagnose and resolve issues.

How Does a Hosted PBX Platform Help Your Company Grow?

A white-label hosted PBX gives you the chance to offer another service without putting in so much work. However, you remain the star of the show in your clients’ eyes because your branding is the focus.

A critical feature of a partnership is that you get to control everything, including pricing and packaging. You earn the margins you want, and no one can interfere. As the face of the service, you keep your customers in house and don’t have to put them in the hands of another vendor.

However, co-branding allows you to put your name alongside the provider if you wish. Co-branding can help newer companies gain credibility by association.

What Features and Capabilities Can Customers Access Through a Reputable White-Label Hosted PBX?

Your white-label hosted PBX can only help you succeed if it offers the communications features that your customers want and need. Make sure the provider you work with has the following features.

Web Phones

Internet phones offer the most advanced features at the lowest costs. Your clients won’t need to invest in expansive infrastructure (and you won’t need to keep the inventory or install it).

Because web phones work on a hosted system, the end user can have a service that works seamlessly for on-site, remote, and hybrid teams. Features are easy for clients to add, remove, or modify with their own administrative panel.

Mobile and Web Apps

Most connectivity is mobile, so end users need to be able to communicate on the go. Mobile apps let the team make calls, send messages, access files, and video conference in any location on Android and Apple devices. 

Web Meetings

Video conferencing is now essential for businesses and leaves no limits for connecting face to face with teammates, customers, and partners worldwide. Your white-label hosted PBX must function well on desktop or mobile for full connectivity.

Additionally, top-notch security for video calls keeps conversations for companies in regulated industries compliant. Pro options can provide features including meeting recordings, transcripts, insights on the conversation, screen annotations, and real-time capture of meeting notes.

Team Chat

Provide teams with secure tools for collaboration with internal team chats. Workers can direct message each other one on one or speak with groups on public or private channels.

Keeping discussions in one forum allows the company to oversee conversations and retain them in its archives. It also eliminates security and compliance concerns.

Business Texting

Texting adds a level of convenience that customers appreciate. The top white-label hosted PBX providers give the option of SMS and MMS messaging with customers. Team members can text from a personal company line as well as the main business line or toll-free number.

Productivity Integrations

The top unified communications services work together with productivity applications, including customer relationship and workforce management software. End users can boost efficiency and protect data by simplifying the transfer of information between their business apps.

Who Offers the Best White-Label Hosted PBX Solution for MSPs?

Intermedia provides a white-label hosted PBX that gets you operating and earning in no time. Reach out to our team to discover which of our partnership models is best for you. 

Rob Gold

June 5, 2023

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