What’s the Best White Label VoIP App?

February 9, 2023

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Providing voice over internet phone services has become a profitable offering with booming growth. However, consumers expect user-friendly applications for everything nowadays, making a solid white label VoIP app essential.

Intermedia understands this need, having three decades of communications experience. Learn from the team about what makes for the best VoIP app.

Key Takeaways:

  • White label VoIP apps add convenient features that end users appreciate.
  • An excellent app lets a company build its brand by being a true white label solution.
  • White labeling offers increased margins and higher monthly recurring revenue.
  • A top-tier VoIP app is easy to use because it deploys quickly, integrates with an end-to-end solution, is secure, and offers round-the-clock support.

Factors That Make an Ideal White Label VoIP App

When apps first took off, a great way to make money was to create a basic one that filled a common desire. As the number of apps increased, many issues arose, especially regarding security and quality. A solid app is no longer a high-end bonus; your clients expect quality software with any service.

Offers Convenience

Many companies now offer hybrid work, if not full-time remote employment. When workers are outside of the office, your business can ensure that teammates still have secure tools for collaborating with the team by using a VoIP app. Such an app offers easy chatting with colleagues because it works equally well on desktop and mobile operating systems.

A great white label VoIP app puts the corporate directory in one accessible place that is easy to search. Voicemail with transcription is another time-saving feature that makes referencing messages easy to do on a single platform. A mobile app also offers the ability to sync contacts from the most common third-party platforms. 

A solid app lets users flip calls between desk and mobile phones easily. Employees don’t have to cut off calls while traveling to another location. With a tap, your calls can connect to a different device.

A connected system also uses the popular find-me/follow-me feature. The app allows incoming calls to ring all devices, whether a desk phone, desktop app, or mobile phone, to ensure a team member does not miss vital connections. Users can adjust the rules for how to accept calls in different situations.

Promotes Your Brand

The power of offering white label services is that a reseller can sell additional products and services under their roof without weakening their brand. Your company does not have to invest the time and money to create a product with a user-friendly white label VoIP app.

Instead, the vendor-partner does all of the hard work so that resellers, such as managed service providers, can offer premium products that can compete effectively. You protect your brand by presenting the app and services under the umbrella of your own label with no interference from the supplier.

Deploys Quickly

The flexibility of the app and its communications service allows end users to start or scale rapidly. A company that offers session initiation protocol trunking lets clients bring their own devices and existing public branch exchange to connect to VoIP capabilities. 

Hosted offerings permit any operation to start as small as necessary while having the capability to scale up to additional lines.

Boosts Margins

You could sell someone else’s product as a merchant. However, that system is not optimal if you want to keep your customers and control your margins.

The right white label VoIP app lets you control what you earn because you purchase the app and do with it as you wish. Reseller margins are high enough that you can build your own team to market and sell the product for an excellent return on investment.

Increases Monthly Recurring Revenue

Once your customers enjoy the ease and convenience of their white label VoIP app, they can be yours for the long term. The added value of secure and mobile-friendly apps is something many companies are willing to invest in. The upsell gives your company the ability to make more money consistently and build income passively.

Integrates With One End-to-End Solution

Working with a single unified communications as a service supplier eliminates trying to piecemeal an acceptable solution together. Even when individual communications suppliers collaborate, having many separate partners leaves open the possibility for components to not integrate well or split into various factions one day.

Companies gain cost savings and save time by combining services under one roof. Working with an experienced communications partner ensures customers and employees have full support for the product.

Offers Easy Access to Support

A capable white label VoIP app works with a provider that offers support when things do not go as planned. Commerce operates 24/7, and your client could call at any time of the day or night for questions and assistance of urgent importance. 

Working with a knowledgeable supplier allows you to rest easy knowing that your clients are getting premium assistance when they need help. Customers feel heard and have access to premier service.

Ensures Security

One concern about all software is the level of security and privacy. An excellent white label VoIP app comes through a company that puts security as a priority, not an afterthought. Look for a company that invests sufficient resources in data protection.

The provider should maintain secure data centers in diverse geographic locations to meet the demands of privacy laws and provide quick reconnection after outages or disasters. All apps should provide access to secure password features and multifactor authentication. Continual fraud and threat detection, as well as spam caller protection, can ward off attacks from the jump.

The Best White Label VoIP App From Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite provides all of the necessary features of a white label VoIP app that resellers need. Talk to the team at Intermedia to find out more about a unified communications solution that offers best-in-class functionality and service.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

February 9, 2023

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